Information about Mobile homes

If you have a caravan, mobile home, or van, our campsite has places for staying with them. Or instead of leaving your caravan in the site and comming back whenever you want.

You can request for


In our facilities, near the place, you can get electricity


You can also recharge water.


1 night : 10 € 1/2 person/people

More than 10 nights : Ask

Extended stays: Ask

35€ month when you come to stay: 8€ .1/2 person/people. Caravans in parking area

60€ month when you come to stay: 5€. 1 or 2 people. Caravan in the place

*Prices can change

*All prices can change. Each person should obey "Reglamento de Régimen Interno" (rules of the campsite) Placed in the front of the reception. Also you can request for a copy.